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Sanamed® mattresses

Ultimate comfort & support, perfectly balanced

Our many years of expertise are supported by continuous research and development. This has resulted in a collection of mattresses and pillows with a perfectly balanced combination of innovation and sustainability. Only top quality materials will be considered and every Sanamed undergoes three different quality inspections.

Enjoy for many years.

Superior ergonomics & heavenly lying comfort

20 jaar garantie

20 year guarantee

Sanamed offers a 20 year guarantee as a result of its thorough selection of top quality and durable materials.



The Sanamed mattresses have a permanent antibacterial effect and offer protection against allergens. The optimised ventilation means moulds do not stand a chance.

afritsbare hoes

Removable cover

A healthy sleeping climate is given priority. All Sanamed mattresses are equipped with a removable antibacterial cover, with a focus on hygiene and cleanliness.

voor elke bedbodem

For every bed base

The Sanamed mattresses can be combined with any type of base: box spring, slatted base, spiral or dish base, both flat and adjustable, with a maximum clearance of 2.5 cm.

Sanamed Mattresses

Sanamed Pillows