If you wake up with pain in your shoulder or neck, chances are your mattress or pillow is to blame. A quality pillow supports your neck; not your head, and should allow you to wake up fully energised. It is important that, while you sleep, your neck and back maintain their natural position. This means that your preferred sleeping position will play an important part in deciding which pillow suits you best.


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A good pillow has the following properties:

  • It keeps your cervical and lumbar vertebrae aligned
  • It supports your cervical vertebrae
  • It allows your head to sink into it
  • It conducts the heat
  • It allows perspiration to evaporate


Different materials


Generally speaking, ergonomic pillows are made from memory foam. This means that they have a fixed shape. The biggest benefit of memory foam pillows is that they support your neck and evenly distribute pressure. This way, you will always sleep in a correct position.


Gel pillows are ideal for people who often get too hot during the night. The gel will distribute your body heat all over the pillow, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortable. Furthermore, they offer the perfect support for your neck and shoulders.


Duvet and feather filled pillows are by far the most popular pillows. Duvet is usually soft and not really springy, while pillows with feathers are firmer. Most duvet pillows contain a mixture of duvet and feathers.


Latex pillows are springy and have a set shape. They are perfect for people who do not move around much during the night or for people who want a fully anti-allergic pillow. If you sweat a lot, this might not be the best pillow for you, because latex pillows can feel quite hot.


Synthetic microfibre pillows are made from ultra-thin synthetic fibre. This means that the pillows always quickly return to their original form. A microfibre pillow is great for ventilation and is completely anti-allergic.


How te care for your pillow

You need to take good care of your pillow, because it absorbs a lot of body fluids, dander and dust, causing it to be filled with bacteria. From a hygienic point of view, you should not wait too long to replace your pillow.

Synthetic pillows can be washed at home. We suggest doing this every two months. Duvet pillows, on the other hand, cannot be washed at home. Only professionals should clean duvet. However, this does not mean that you cannot keep your pillow feeling fresh yourself. Shake it up every few days to make sure it retains its shape. You can also leave it outside to air out or leave it in the freezing cold.



If you often feel way too hot in bed, you might want to take in to account the different materials that are used in pillows.

Latex has a closed cell structure, which limits ventilation. However, latex pillows are usually perforated to allow air to float though.

Synthetic microfibre ventilates better than latex because of its airy feeling and cotton cover. Seeing as you can wash this type of pillow at home, microfibre pillows are ideal for people who sweat a lot. Duvet pillows, on the other hand, cannot be washed at home, but their ventilation is much better.

Memory foam pillows adjust to your body temperature. The lower the density of the foam, the better the pillow will be able to ventilate.

If you easily get too hot, gel pillows might offer you the solution. Because gel is conductor, it will distribute your body warmth all over the pillow, making the part you are sleeping on feel much cooler. This, in turn, will help you cool down a lot better and faster.

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