To guarantee a perfect night’s rest, you need to choose the duvet that works best for you, not only if you get cold easily, but especially if you easily get too hot.

You can choose between a synthetic quilt or one that is filled with duvet. However, your decision-making does not stop there, because both options are available in all seasons and single versions.

All seasons vs simple


Simple duvets consist of just one layer. These duvets can be used all year round because they are efficiently insulated.

All Seasons

An all seasons duvet can be used all year round, as it consists of two separate duvets that can be connected. The lighter and airier duvet is perfect for the summer months, while the warmer duvet is the perfect temperature for spring and autumn. Once connected, the duvet is warm enough to use during the cold winter nights.

Synthetic vs duvet


Most people prefer real duvet over synthetic quilts. Duvet insulates well, regulates moisture and ventilates, because the duvet holds the air. This makes it feel light and airy and, thus, more comfortable to sleep under.
The most important benefit of real duvet is its excellent insulation. A real duvet can feel nice and warm, but it will still be ventilating.
Duvets usually consist of a mixture of duvet and feathers. The higher the percentage of real duvet, the better – and more expensive – the duvet will be.
You need to take good care of your duvet, because you cannot wash real duvet at home. To keep it in pristine condition, shake it every day before airing it next to an open window. You should never vacuum your duvet.
After about five years, you might notice that that the volume of your duvet is reducing. This is caused by an accumulation of duvet knots and sweat that forms over time and cannot be aired out. To solve this problem, drop it off at one of our stores. We can professionally clean and refill the duvet for you.

Synthetic quilts

As opposed to real duvet, synthetic quilts can easily be washed at home. They are filled with hollow fibre or microfibre, usually combined with polyester. This means that you will not overheat too quickly. Washing synthetic duvets at high temperatures will kill dust mites. This makes them more suitable for people with dust allergies.
A synthetic duvet is less ventilating and will feel heavier than a real duvet. However, it usually is a lot cheaper.

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