A boxspring replaces your bed frame and bed base. Boxsprings exist in an array of different shapes, colours and fabrics, which might make choosing which one is right for you difficult. This useful guide will help you find your perfect boxspring in a heartbeat.

Pocket springs

The first thing you should ask yourself is how big you want your bed to be. Most people opt for a boxspring that is 180 cm wide as a double bed. Secondly, you need to decide whether you want an adjustable base or not. An adjustable boxspring makes reading a book or watching television in bed a lot easier. Moreover, it is healthy to adjust the base in such a way that your feet are lifted a few centimetres. This is not only good for your blood circulation, it also tilts your pelvis, which benefits the support of your back.

Un sommier tapissier à ressorts ensachés vous durera plus de 30 ans. Les ressorts ensachés trempés qui recouvrent l’ensemble de la surface du sommier soutiennent fermement votre corps. Parce que les ressorts ensachés sont résistants et ont une longue durée de vie, vous pouvez utiliser tous les types de matelas sur un sommier tapissier à ressorts ensachés. Vous pouvez donc choisir le matelas idéal pour votre corps sans aucune contrainte.

A boxspring with pocket springs will last you more than 30 years. The thermally hardened pocket springs, which cover the whole surface of the box, fully support your body. Because pocket springs are strong and durable, you can combine a pocket spring boxspring with every type of mattress. This means that you can choose the mattress that is perfect for your body without any limitations.

Bonell springs

A boxspring with bonell springs feels less firm than one with a pocket spring base. Therefore you should be careful when selecting a mattress. Furthermore, your choice of colours and head boards is more limited than if you were choosing a pocket spring boxspring.


Lastly, we have a third type: the hotelbox. As the name suggests, this box does not contain any springs. Instead, the wooden frame offers a strong and sturdy support. You can only buy this box in preselected colours in a set with the mattress included. Its price makes this box ideal for people on a budget.

Integrated boxspring

Do you want the support of a boxspring, without having to part with your old bed frame? An integrated boxspring might just be the thing for you! This boxspring can be placed inside any bedframe, thus transforming your existing bed frame into a boxspring.
The integrated boxspring consists of a wooden frame filled with pocket springs. One of the benefits of (integrated) boxsprings is that they are very durable and that they are great at regulating temperature and moisture. The open structure of the springs permits an excellent air ventilation, which benefits the mattress’ hygiene and expands its lifespan. Furthermore, the springs are responsible for a great comfort and an excellent support.

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