Different materials

Bed linen exists in an array of different materials and qualities. Some examples of the brands that you can find in a Sleepworld shop are Vandyck, Woody, Beddinghouse, SmartSleeve, Nomade…


Cotton is the most popular material for duvet covers. It is a natural material, which has some unique properties that make it particularly suitable to use in bed linen. It is a strong and durable material that breathes well and absorbs moisture. This makes cotton duvets ideal for people who sweat much during the night.

Cotton is a durable natural product. This means that cotton duvet covers are quite durable as well. Furthermore, they are easy to clean. Because cotton is produced on a large scale, cotton duvet covers can be relatively cheap.


Percale is the same fabric as regular cotton, but the quality is higher. Percale cotton uses at least 200 threads per inch and is made from finely combed cotton fibres, which makes the fabric stronger and more elastic. If you are looking for true quality, you might prefer percale cotton over regular cotton.


Flannel is fabric made from loosely spun cotton yarn that has been roughened on one side. This gives the fabric its soft feel. Flannel easily adapts to your body temperature and holds the warmth, making it an ideal duvet cover for people who get cold easily. Especially during the winter months, flannel duvet covers are very popular.


Satin is made from cotton fibres which are spun using a special weaving technique. This increases their quality and makes feel smooth and shiny. Satin or cotton-satin is not the same as polyester-satin, a very shiny fabric, which has none of the pleasant properties of cotton.
The closer the threads are spun together, the higher the quality of the fabric. To be called satin, a fabric needs to have at least 220 threads per inch. This makes the satin look more luxurious and feel cooler than regular cotton. This makes it especially nice to sleep with during the summer.
Making satin duvet covers is a lot more difficult and labour-intensive than making regular cotton. This means that satin duvet covers are a bit more expensive. They are, however, fantastic to sleep under.


Jersey is made by weaving cotton fibres in such a way that the fabric becomes elastic. This makes jersey the ideal fabric for fitted sheets. The elasticity keeps your fitted sheet in its place and makes it easier to make your bed.


As opposed to all the other fabrics mentioned here, linen is not made from cotton fibres, but from flax. Turning flax into linen is an intensive process, which makes it quite expensive. Linen is stiffer and rougher than cotton. It is also stronger and more durable. Linen makes a great duvet cover, because the material breathes and absorbs moisture.

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is considered to be the fines quality cotton in the world. It distinguishes itself from other types of fabric by its luxurious and incredibly soft feeling. It hangs beautifully and has a natural glow.
If you like spoiling yourself with luxury, day after day, Egyptian cotton is the perfect fabric for you.



Belgian top quality Every year, Woody releases a collection of beautiful and playful pyjamas, bed linen and accessories in with three funny animal themes for babies, children and adults. Woody pyjamas are easy to recognise by their funny crossed eyes and little details that light up at night.
Would you rather sleep without funny animals? In that case, you will definitely like the Woody Girlzzz and Boyzzz collections!


Quality materials and a great fit Eskimo is a top quality Belgian brand that offers a big range of pyjamas, nightgowns, loungewear and underwear. Their soft materials, superior quality and flattering cuts guarantee optimal comfort. .
Their pyjamas and loungewear are indispensable for a good night’s sleep or a relaxing evening watching television at home.

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