Bed bases

The combination of a comfortable mattress and a suitable bed base is crucial if you want to give your body the best support possible. Before choosing your bed base, you should already have an idea about the mattress that you want to combine it with. A correct bed base contributes to a healthy and restful sleep. Furthermore, the bed base guarantees good support and strengthens the properties of the mattress.

Slatted bed base

A slatted bed base consists of a 7 cm high wooden frame with slats. This means that our slatted bases are a lot more durable than most options out there, which are usually only 5 cm high. The quality, durability and comfort are further determined by the amount of slats.
When looking for a new mattress, you should take into account the space between the slats of your bed base. As a general rule, you should know that the more pocket springs in a mattress, the more slats your base needs to have:

  • Pocket springs: not more than 4 cm space
  • Micro springs: not more than 3 cm space
  • Micro pocket springs: not more than 2,5 cm space

If the spaces between the slats in your current bed base are bigger, it might be a good idea to look into buying a new one. However, you could always opt for a solid core mattress if you do not want to renew your bed base.

Integrated bed base

Do you want the support of a boxspring, without having to part with your old bed frame? An integrated boxspring might just be the thing for you! This boxspring can be placed inside any bedframe, thus transforming your existing bed frame into a boxspring. The integrated boxspring consists of a wooden frame filled with pocket springs. One of the benefits of (integrated) boxsprings is that they are very durable and that they are great at regulating temperature and moisture. The open structure of the springs permits an excellent air ventilation, which benefits the mattress’ hygiene and expands its lifespan. Furthermore, the springs are responsible for a great comfort and an excellent support.

Disc bed base

A disc bed frame consist of a wooden frame with sturdy plastic discs. The openings between the discs make sure there is enough air flow to give your mattress an excellent ventilation. Furthermore, the individually moving discs provide the perfect personalised support.

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